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Get to experience school field trips in a new enriching and exciting dimension  

Our Community Helpers

Zoom in to know more about some of our Community Helpers and find out how they play a vital role in our Society today. In this journey, you will be able to meet them up close and know what they do in real life. Sounds great right! So buckle up and enjoy the rest of this journey!

Getting to know the Philippines: Ang Perlas ng Silangan

Appreciate the beauty of the country in all its forms and find out why the Philippines is called “Pearl of the Orient”. Let us map out the ecological beauty of the different landforms, bodies of water, natural resources that make our tropical country special. We will also feature different cultures of the Philippines and its time-honored traditions.

Obra Mula Sa Basura

(Mga Paraan ng Pangangalaga ng Kalikasan)

Trash is one of the biggest problems that is destroying our environment. Now the questions are; how much waste can be recycled? Can we convert trash to treasure? Let’s find out with our fun, yet meaningful Virtual Learning Journey. Together, let’s protect the environment, encourage people to help while helping themselves as well, and teach the community what is needed to create a sustainable future.

Old Manila: Intramuros

Buckle up as we get into a time machine and tour around the historical places in Manila such as Fort Santiago, Rizal Shrine, Baluarte de San Diego Complex to mention a few. Spark the history buff in you within the walls of Intramuros where the treasures of the Spanish times are found, including the “Fortifications of Manila” and UNESCO-listed San Agustin Church.

Tubbataha Reefs

(Yaman ng Kalikasan)

Dive into the majestic waters of the only purely marine UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southeast Asia. Discover a haven of rich wildlife both under the beautiful waters of the Sulu Sea and islands flourishing with flora and fauna. Serene and almost undisturbed at the heart of the Coral Triangle, the “Tubbataha” reefs from the Samal tongue which directly translates to – “a long reef exposed at low tide”, is a world marvel formed by 15 million years of natural evolution.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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