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Easytours Travel and Events Management Co.

is a premiere one-stop solution-provider of wide range travel and tours services to a diverse market, both here and abroad. Formed in 2008 by Filipino professionals from the travel sector and other allied industries, it is a leading provider of well-curated Learning Journeys to educational institutions, as well as team-building exercises and custom-made tours to some of the country’s top firms. Easytours goes the extra mile of assigning trained emergency medical technicians (EMTs) in every tour to ensure health, safety, and peace of mind of passengers. It also has a sales office in Sydney to cater to the travel needs of Filipinos and Australians, and promote travel exchange between the two countries.


Our Mission is to know your travel needs by heart, deliver them, and exceed your expectations. We believe that every tour is not just a business transaction, but a shared journey and a seamless experience, where lasting friendships and memories are forged as we travel together.

Our Vision is to sync our quality professional service with a personal touch to your travel and event needs to form enduring and dynamic working partnerships.


With our wide network of providers of venue, accommodations, medical assistance, insurance, and the nitty-gritty of tour services, you can be assured of an easy, seamless, excellent travel experience. Whether it be business or leisure, domestic or international, we have you covered. For your tour needs, we offer the following:

Team Members

Easytours was formed in 2008 by professionals and entrepreneurs engaged in educational publishing, events management, travel and tours, and allied industries. It is backed by a complement of highly-trained tour coordinators, tour guides, emergency medical technicians and practitioners in the travel management business.